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About Us.

Mafaria ao Largo is a family project, born out of the desire to create in Setúbal, the city of our heart, a space that reminds us of the traditional and at the same time is a warm and friendly place, where our customers feel good.

We are located in the heart of Setúbal, in the typical Largo da Fonte Nova, where you can breathe the true spirit and popular culture of the city.

We favor local products and small producers in the Setúbal region, but we also have quality products from other regions of the country, if it is good we like to share.

In the store, our customers can try the famous pies we create that recreate dishes from Portugal and other corners of the world, among other delicacies, accompanied by good wines from our cellar, also from small producers who create with great quality and love.

We try to respect the environment as much as possible, we use recyclable material packaging in our home and take-away deliveries and in all deliveries made by us we use electric vehicles.

Mafaria ao Largo

Wine cellar, cafeteria, snacks, house with terrace in the square. Since 2018

About Us

Wine cellar, cafeteria, snacks, house with terrace in the square. Since 2018

Bursting with the desire to serve you the best we have in our grocery store and cafeteria at the table or take-away, in a concept of snack and sharing, appealing (whenever possible) for a healthier food … and sweet tooth … the typical and colorful Berlin ball, with “out of the box” flavors appealing to everyone’s curiosity, the traditional pastel de nata is part of the coffee ritual, the caco cake served with fresh salads, natural fruit juices, the best we have, comfort in any meal of the day.

We are also a house for events, music lovers and social gatherings … we are Fado, Bossa Nova, Portuguese, traditional or Rock music … we support all artists that make our square happy.

You can book our house, for meetings of friends, at flexible hours and taste the best we have in our wine cellar, which is being composed, as if it were for our home … investing in what is National, accompanied by typical and homemade snacks.

We excel in products of excellence, whether regional or organic, all prepared or served with Love

In one of the most charismatic squares in the city, the Old Largo da Fonte Nova, where the neighboring terraces spread with ours, huge green trees protect us in a loving way, the kids run in the safe square.

At the official Praça Machado dos Santos 53 it has the warmth of a local welcome… visit us, we will be here to welcome you with Joy and good taste!

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Our Philosophy of Eating

Snack and sharing concept, appealing (whenever possible) for healthier food … and sweet tooth

Our Values

We are a project of a chance of love – for life, as ecological as possible, for the sustainable, friends of our planet… for our children, a Family project